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You've already taken the first big step...you've had the courage to act, to not settle or accept that stress should rule your life.  Bravo! 


Don't let STRESS become a real MESS!  Your minutes away from registering from our FREE workshop on how to build up your Stress Resiliency!

Jaime Saibil M.A, Registered Psychotherapist

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In today’s busy world, stress is on the rise for us all. We are always on, 24X7, with technology that has helped eliminate the barriers between work time and non-work time.  


Eighty percent of individuals say they feel STRESSED, and fifty percent say they NEED HELP in learning how to manage it more effectively. Plus, paying for expensive counselling sessions can create a financial strain that can lead to even more stress. 




That’s why I have designed a fun, engaging (and completely FREE for a limited time) one hour stress resiliency workshop where you will:

  • Learn the most successful techniques for recognizing the signs and symptoms of stress

  • Master the 8 Essential tools and skills for preventing and managing stress more effectively

  • Obtain practical experience in the here and now



On a Video Call

Our FREE (for a limited time) 1-hour stress workshop is completely VIRTUAL!  You can attend from the privacy and comfort of your own home.  Once you register, we will follow up with a Zoom link and some workshop tools that will help you make the most of your time!


Our next free workshop is coming up on:

  • Saturday, March 6th

  • Noon-1pm

  • Sign up now as space is limited!


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