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We work with our clients in the areas of stress, anxiety, depression, couples, separation and divorce, adolescence, family conflict, fertility issues and IVF, career coaching, weight loss and more.



You may already intuitively know that it's not just about diet and exercise.  Sustaining weight loss can be challenging as long as you remain burdened by stress and other negative feelings,  Learn how we can help.



Saibil Counselling and Consulting is pleased to offer workshops in the areas of building stress resiliency, couples communication, weight loss, conflict resolution, blended families, and more.



Healthy People = Healthy Profits.  We provide consulting and workshops to boost employee physical and emotional well being, leading to improved  morale while reducing health related costs.


It's about freedom

Saibil Counselling and Consulting was founded on a simple principle.  Freedom.  By caring for and nurturing our mental well being, we are able to clearly identify those often hidden or painful barriers that have hampered our happiness.  Negative or destructive thought patterns actually remove our freedom by creating a pre-programmed response to situations we encounter over and over again.  We often wonder why things always turn out the same. But the truth is, until we address the underlying issues and patterns, we cannot begin to assert true free will, and in turn, change our destiny.  Whether it's one on one counselling, workshops or  corporate wellness, the root of it all is freeing up our minds from these hidden barriers to freedom and happiness.  

About Jaime

Jaime Saibil, a psychotherapist and organizational/ industrial consultant, has nearly a decade of experience providing counselling and consulting in the healthcare and weight loss industry. She works within a variety of areas, including stress, anxiety, depression, couples-related issues, communication and conflict resolution, blended families, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, infertility/IVF and weight management. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counselling & Organizational/Industrial Psychology, and began working in the field of mental health in 2002.


She has worked with Accenture’s Talent & Organizational workgroup as an analyst to Fortune 500 companies, is a Registered member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, a Fellow of Massey College, and a published author in the Individual Journal of Psychology.

Jaime Saibi
About Jaime

We can't solve our problems, with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


Personal Workshops

If one on one counselling isn't the right approach for you, we offer the following workshops too!

Upcoming Workshops

Building Workplace Stress Resiliency

In today's world we are always on, 24/7.  There is no separation between work and non-work.  80% of people say they feel stressed at work and most struggle to cope. 


In this workshop, we will tackle ways to identify and cope with stress at work.

Weight Loss

You may already intuitively know that it's not just about diet and exercise. Sustaining weight loss can be challenging as long as you remain burdened by stress and other negative feelings.  

This workshop provides a mentally and physically balanced, sustainable approach to weight loss.

Communication and Conflict Resolution in Relationships

Healthy conflict is actually an important part of growing with our partners.  Yet most of us have developed a style of conflict that prevents communication and escalates the conflict. 

In this workshop you will learn strategies of communication in conflict that will bring you and your partner closer together. 

Blended Families

If you are in a blended family, you already know how challenging it can be.  Parenting in one home is hard enough. But trying to navigate multiple homes, multiple parents and styles, can create serious conflict that hurts parents and children alike. 

In this workshop you will gain the necessary tools for better understanding, communication, collaboration and self-care.  


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