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Our workshops are a powerful way to improve specific areas of your life at an affordable price and in a safe and nurturing environment.

If you have a specific area you would like to improve and prefer not to meet one on one, our workshops are an incredible resource that are both fixed in duration and cost effective.

Each workshop will have a set number of sessions, with a set duration, fixed price, a group of others with common goals, a safe and nurturing environment and takeaways that you can apply long after the completion of the workshop. 


If you have tried dieting and exercise over and over again without being able to sustain results...we can help. 

Weight loss is more pronounced and three times more sustainable in clients who receive a cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) program, yet most weight management solutions do not include a psychological variable. 

This workshop offers a unique and sustainable approach to weight loss that focuses on the principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT). There are four main components to the program that interact closely with each other: Education, Self-monitoring, Exercises and Feedback.  


Outcomes of this workshop include:

  • Increased awareness of the triggers that lead to your habits

  • Working tools and skills to address difficult situations when they arise

  • New cognitive processes that will allow you to challenge your thinking and replace those habits with new, healthier behaviours 

Weight Loss


Stress is on the rise, and 50% say they need help in learning how to manage it more effectively.

In today’s world, we are always on, 24 X 7, with technology that has helped eliminate the barriers between work time and non-work time.  Additionally, research has shown that being connected at all times by our devices leads to significantly higher levels of stress and depression.  Add in the rest of "life as usual" like personal relationships, staying healthy,  mortgage or rent payments, dating, raising children, and it's no surprise that we stressed.   

Saibil Counselling & Consulting understands the complex nature of today’s varied and numerous stressors and the effects they have at the individual, family and systemic level.  Our team and affiliates bring valuable expertise to facilitate a winning stress resiliency workshop that will provide sustainable solutions to prevent and manage stress.    

Through this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of stress before they get in your way

  • Have the tools and skills necessary to help prevent and manage stress more effectively

  • Reduce health issues and risks, improve decision making by gaining greater clarity and improve overall mental and physical well being.  



If you are in a blended family, you already know how challenging it can be.  Our Blended Families workshop can help!

Blended families face many challenges including: schedules, sibling conflicts, parenting styles within the home and between homes, struggles with ex-partners, relationship conflict and individual conflict. Blended families can be incredibly complicated and frustrating. As someone living within a blended family myself, I have experienced this first hand, and I know how difficult it can be at times.  

This Blended Families workshop focuses on understanding the expectations and capacities of each other, learning effective and sustainable communication and conflict resolution techniques, setting healthy boundaries, and ensuring you are both practicing self-care.


Outcomes of this workshop:

  • Clear vision of what values are most important to you and your partner, and how to meet each others needs

  • Effective strategies and tools for implementing those values into your family

  • Communication and conflict resolution techniques for when you hit those bumps, as a couple and as co-parents

  • Deeper understanding into the behaviour of the children as a result of the separation/divorce/blending of families, and how to communicate with them

  • Providing a safe, loving and nurturing home environment  

Blended Families


Learn to communicate better with your partner or in any relationship.

Conflict in relationships are great! You think I’m joking? I am not. In a relationship, conflict provides an opportunity for you to get closer to your partner.  Seriously. For most of us (myself included), conflict has resulted in disconnection.  Why? Because we don’t know how to communicate and fight properly.  

We formed our communication and fighting style by watching and experiencing it from the people who raised us, whether it’s yelling, avoiding, or shutting down.  Unfortunately, it’s getting in your way now. This workshop will provide you with the awareness of your fighting style, the education of a new style that works for your relationship, and the practical tools to make it a habit.  

Outcomes of this workshop:

  • Deeper understanding of you and your partner’s communication and conflict style

  • The tools and skills necessary to communicate and fight in a healthier way

  • A deeper sense of connection and commitment to your partner  

Communication and Conflict


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